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_XKCD 2013-08-03
Amplifiers 2010-01-23
Ballmer Curve 2009-11-21
Binary Sudoku 2009-11-21
Cant sleep 2009-11-21 16-bit counter???
Cautionary 2011-07-18 Dont let your children learn Linux
Coders Excuse 2009-12-20
Converting metrics 2010-01-10
Good code... 2011-01-22 hard to come by
Goto 2009-12-05 why not to use...
Numerical s.x positions 2011-07-18 Ever wondered what 69 or 99 is?
Password Strength 2014-05-11
Pirate it... 2010-01-10 Youre a criminal either way
Pointers 2009-11-27 to how to solve the game
Python 2009-12-20 Import antigravity
Sanitize you input, dammit 2009-11-21
Sierpinski Valentine 2010-01-10
So bad its worse 2010-01-23 When a movie is bad...
Spirit 2011-05-27 Did I do a good job?
Stallman 2009-11-21
sudo sandwich 2009-11-27
Tech support cheat sheet 2009-11-21
Time estimation 2010-01-23
Useless 2009-11-27 My normal approach is useless here

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