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10 commandments 2013-11-17
ADA95 tutorial 2013-10-19 TBRead
Apollo Guidance Computer 2004-12-25 Only an EE would love this - recreating the AGC in his basement over 4 years, documenting the effort.
C-Function-Pointers 2003-07-06 Site dedicated to the subject of C function pointers.
clock_:gettime() 2014-07-05
Cross Compiling to ARM and NewLib 2010-07-17
Cross-compiler v2 2010-07-17
GCC cross compile to ARM 2010-01-31 With newlib
GCC cross compiling 2010-01-22
hmmm... &arr where 'char arr[50]' 2013-12-06
hmmm... &arr where 'char arr[50]' 2 2013-12-06
HP 54600B scope 2013-12-05 What a great easter-egg
HP-UX kernel and tricks 2004-07-13 Assorted tricks for the programmer.
Jeri Ellsworth 2012-10-29 Cannot be real - a female chip designer!
LEGO-logic 2005-01-11 Use LEGO to build your own gates.
Linus on C++ 2012-02-29 How right he is :)
MD5 attack with tunnels 2014-02-21 Why you should stay away from MD5
Modern Perl 2014-07-05
Nine circles of IT hell 2011-10-03
OpenCores 2004-12-14 HW developers decided to do like GNU/FSF and make an open forum for the exchange of resonable licensed IP cores for different hardware.
PPI 2005-01-13 Primate Programming - finally cheaper than Indian workers.
Preprocessor gymnastics 2010-07-21 How to write protocols using the C-preprocesser
Preprocessor Gymnastics 2 2010-07-21 The X-macro approach to save code
Ready-to-use cross compilers 2010-01-22
Sartoris Microkernel Tutorial 2006-08-26 Decsription of a microkernel
Stanford Engineering Classes 2012-05-04
Ten commandments 2012-02-29
Towers of Hanoi 2004-01-08 111 different implementations of the towers of Hanoi in every imaginable language.
UnixWiz 2011-07-17 Lots of tips regarding programming.
What Every Computer Scientist Should... 2013-11-19 ...Know about Floating Point
Winsoock FAQ 2004-03-11

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