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Admin at 2014-12-28
A new certificate was installed today.
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EICAR test 2004-06-30 Mail sender to test virus detection in scanners. Sends harmless mails containing EICAR test patterns.
Good resource 2013-08-17 on everything networki
Intro to SCTP 2006-09-05
Many SMTP relay test 2017-04-13
MXtoolbox 2017-04-13
Performance Analysis of Various Mechanis 2013-08-16
RFC-1855 2006-01-21 Netiquette
ShieldsUp! 2003-07-23 A port-scanner.
ShoreWall 2014-04-06 Firewall
Spam-filtering using Postfix 2006-09-08 Good tricks to make Postfix reject much spam.
SyGate scanner 2003-07-23 A testsuite for internet connections
TCPDump filters 2004-02-10 Filters for ethereal's TCPDump backend.
What Is My IP? 2004-10-26 Determine it the easy way...

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