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1024-port limit workaround 2010-07-11
ALSA 2005-12-18 Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
Another Howto on LDAP 2012-04-15 Contains something about s... Fedora
Bell System Technical Journal, v57: i6 J 2013-07-08 UNIX presentation
CoreAVC on Linux 2009-01-03
Debian 2003-06-18 The Debian distribution.
Debian wheezys new multi-arch support 2013-08-13
IA32 / x86_64 error 2013-08-13 when bash reports file-not-found, but its there!
Kerberos on Debian 2013-12-13 2003-06-18 Home of the official Linux kernel.
LDAP on Debian 2010-07-28 Tested in VirtualBox to work
LDAP on squeeze 2011-12-20
LDAP User Management 2012-04-15 for Debian also
Linux Capabilities 2010-07-12
Linux Cross Reference 2011-05-22
Managing NFS 2013-08-13
MDAdm WikiPedia 2013-08-06 Contains a handy cheat-sheet
NFSv4 2013-07-06
NFSv4-2 2013-07-06
Securing Debian Linux 2003-08-10 HOWTO on securing your Debian Linux box.
SGI XFS 2003-08-10 XFS is an OSS high-performance journalling filesystem for Linux.
The Linux Kernel 2003-08-05 A description of the Linux kernel.
Typical Apache misconfig 2009-07-19 Typical Apache misconfigurations explained
Understanding Linux VM 2004-02-23
Using Capabilities 2010-07-11

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