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Welcome to Marvin. Marvin is a small server located in the north-eastern part of Sjaelland, Denmark app. 25 km from Copenhagen. The server is run by me, an electrical engineer (programmer) and my brother (which actually spends most his time complaining about "lacking" features).

In the navbar to the left, you will find the Links database - whenever I stumble upon a link, I like, it is added here. You might find some entertainment in these.

I have worked for the last 18 years on Copenhagen Racecourse (Klampenborg), and have decided to make a sort of museum. Again, link in the navbar

Apart from the above mentioned items, I use the server to play around with - hence links exist to these items here:

Virtual hosts available on this machine

Some internal stuff, we keep to ourselves

The B.O.F.H excuse server says: Bad cafeteria food landed all the sysadmins in the hospital.

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