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ARM boards
Hackberry ARM board
Olimex Cortex board
Why Intel Galileo is 15 years out-of-dat


213 things Skippy can't do What not to do in the army...
C64 remixes Missing the old scores from the C64 - here they are...
Chinese english try better Chinese mis-translations - what is it wirth f***
Earth Erotica Photos Incredible how sexy stones can be...
eBaums world
Foil'em Guy gets desk covered in foil...
Gematriculator The Gematriculator is a service that uses the infallible methods of Gematria developed by Mr. Ivan Panin to determine how good or evil a web site or a text passage is.
Have you tried turning it off... ...and on again?
Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy BBC's version of the guide.
iPhone stove?!?
Japanese horse-racing world cup Hvad?!?
Lektor Teori
Liar, Liar deleted scene
Movie Physics... A site dedicated to investigating the physics ruling movies.
MP answering messages How Monty Python welcomes you to the answering machine.
One TRILLION dollars What that looks like
Project Galactic Guide A hitch-hikes guide.
quizzes... Mooh milk or man milk
Random CS papers Så har den stokastiske rapportgenerator fået konkurrence
RandomHaiku Get your own now! is WMD Did you know is a weapon of mass destruction (until W32/MyDoom is dead)
Talking cats?
Teleporterar Taliban Svensk undersættelse i stil med Hatten är din
The Jargon file One version of the Jargon file...
The spam-trap Man prints spam and shreds it
Weebls toons Home og Badger, Badger and many other terrifying Flash animations
WeLoveTheIraqiInformationMinister Mohammed Saheed al-Sahaf
Yo Way Yo Home Vah Ray... Lexx Brunne-G song

ISDN up to 80 kHz

THORIUM REMIX 2011 Thorium: An energy solution - THORIUM REMIX 2011

1024-port limit workaround
ALSA Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
Another Howto on LDAP Contains something about s... Fedora
Bell System Technical Journal, v57: i6 J UNIX presentation
CoreAVC on Linux
Debian The Debian distribution.
Debian wheezys new multi-arch support
IA32 / x86_64 error when bash reports file-not-found, but its there!
Kerberos on Debian Home of the official Linux kernel.
LDAP on Debian Tested in VirtualBox to work
LDAP on squeeze
LDAP User Management for Debian also
Linux Capabilities
Linux Cross Reference
Managing NFS
MDAdm WikiPedia Contains a handy cheat-sheet
Securing Debian Linux HOWTO on securing your Debian Linux box.
SGI XFS XFS is an OSS high-performance journalling filesystem for Linux.
The Linux Kernel A description of the Linux kernel.
Typical Apache misconfig Typical Apache misconfigurations explained
Understanding Linux VM
Using Capabilities

Denmark Military Strength Denmark Military Strength
10 Politically incorrect truths about hu Why men and women do what they do...
Backblasze 2016
Baylin rotary engine
Creating a Wireless Access Point with De
Det ny Klampenborg
How much does a webshop infringe
Magic Dates
Model M teardown, clean, assemble
MS og parkinsonsmedicin
Museum of retro technologies
NukeMap Ever wondered how much damage a nuclear explosion does?
Soviet bunker -> datacenter what are those girls doing there???
Sweden Military Strength Sweden Military Strength
Tattoo MS
Tid telefonsvarer Hvordan man forøger ventetid til opkaldet går på telefon-svarer.
Very nice scales
Why SystemD is wrong!

EICAR test Mail sender to test virus detection in scanners. Sends harmless mails containing EICAR test patterns.
Good resource on everything networki
Intro to SCTP
Many SMTP relay test
Performance Analysis of Various Mechanis
RFC-1855 Netiquette
ShieldsUp! A port-scanner.
ShoreWall Firewall
Spam-filtering using Postfix Good tricks to make Postfix reject much spam.
SyGate scanner A testsuite for internet connections
TCPDump filters Filters for ethereal's TCPDump backend.
What Is My IP? Determine it the easy way...

AnandTech Hard- and software news.
Coffee & sperm Coffee Makes Sperm go Faster, says New Scientist
HardOCP overclocking etc.
IngeniørenNet Ingeniørernes fagavis netudgave.
OSnews Great site with news on operating systems.
SlashDot News for nerds.
SMTP og TDC TDC lukker port 25 for at undgå zombier
StorageReview About all sorts of storage media - HDD and SSD
The Inquirer Tech news
The Register Good site with the latest in IT news.
Version2 edb-tillæg

4,698,672 Image compression
4,734,690 Method and apparatus for spherical panning.
5,109,520 Image frame buffer access speedup by providing multiple buffer controllers each containing command FIFO buffers.
5,311,591 An operating system?!?
5,412,717 Some security related patent
5,443,036 Methods of excercising a cat
6,460,020 Universal shopping center for international operation.
6,756,999 Another typical Microsuck patent - this time grouping taskbar buttons
6,775,781 Microsofts Sudo-like patent from 2000 - thats 13 years late!
6,837,852 Firewall patent.
6,842,770 WebDAV filesystems - abstract sounds like NFS but 15 years late.
6,850,256 Media player search bar.
7,407,089 IBM, for once, storing customer preferences - paper or plastic bag?
Highlight numbers? Incredible what M$ tries to patent...
Patent application Should not patent trolls be patented?
Pending IsNot operator Pending MS patent.


EdbPriser Største prissammenligning af EDB udstyr.

10 commandments
ADA95 tutorial TBRead
Apollo Guidance Computer Only an EE would love this - recreating the AGC in his basement over 4 years, documenting the effort.
C-Function-Pointers Site dedicated to the subject of C function pointers.
Cross Compiling to ARM and NewLib
Cross-compiler v2
GCC cross compile to ARM With newlib
GCC cross compiling
hmmm... &arr where 'char arr[50]'
hmmm... &arr where 'char arr[50]' 2
HP 54600B scope What a great easter-egg
HP-UX kernel and tricks Assorted tricks for the programmer.
Jeri Ellsworth Cannot be real - a female chip designer!
LEGO-logic Use LEGO to build your own gates.
Linus on C++ How right he is :)
MD5 attack with tunnels Why you should stay away from MD5
Modern Perl
Nine circles of IT hell
OpenCores HW developers decided to do like GNU/FSF and make an open forum for the exchange of resonable licensed IP cores for different hardware.
PPI Primate Programming - finally cheaper than Indian workers.
Preprocessor gymnastics How to write protocols using the C-preprocesser
Preprocessor Gymnastics 2 The X-macro approach to save code
Ready-to-use cross compilers
Sartoris Microkernel Tutorial Decsription of a microkernel
Stanford Engineering Classes
Ten commandments
Towers of Hanoi 111 different implementations of the towers of Hanoi in every imaginable language.
UnixWiz Lots of tips regarding programming.
What Every Computer Scientist Should... ...Know about Floating Point
Winsoock FAQ

CIA Factbook - Denmark Read about this servers hosting country as said by CIA.
Feynmann lectures
How Stuff Works
Standford School of Engineering

Search Engines
AllTheWeb A large database, but not as good quality as Google
Google The all-time winner of the search engine contest - Google. Has a great page ranking system that almost always puts the best hit on top.
HyperDictionary A word-DB for english words.

12 points LibreOffice Writer is better
Apache Home of the most used webserver on the net.
MySQL Very good open-source database with fine commercial support.
Samba Samba is a file-sharing program for UNIX-boxes towards Windows - vital for correct interconnect of the two.
UNIX as a religion
Wii remote fun

CDR-FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about CD-R's. Detailed technical info included
Death by DMCA
TCPA FAQ Stop palladium...
The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Yet another critical piece on TCPA...

Japanese horse-racing world cup Er lidt tid om at komme igang - men præsentationen?!?

DesktopGirls Beautiful wallpapers
GRUB Splash images for GRUB. This guy has a HP fetish...

Ballmer Curve
Binary Sudoku
Cant sleep 16-bit counter???
Cautionary Dont let your children learn Linux
Coders Excuse
Converting metrics
Good code... hard to come by
Goto why not to use...
Numerical s.x positions Ever wondered what 69 or 99 is?
Password Strength
Pirate it... Youre a criminal either way
Pointers to how to solve the game
Python Import antigravity
Sanitize you input, dammit
Sierpinski Valentine
So bad its worse When a movie is bad...
Spirit Did I do a good job?
sudo sandwich
Tech support cheat sheet
Time estimation
Useless My normal approach is useless here

Andy Botting
Converting a zpool to mirror forcing a new device as a mirror into a zpool
Handling zpools
Moving ZFS between pools
ORACLEs admin guide to ZFS
ZFS best practices
ZFS on Debian/Wheezy
ZFS overview
ZFS ReadMe1st How many of these do we break?